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March 10, 2024 - 7:18pm -- John Contreras

There's a thing that happens as you're working on performing, which is different than if you're working on singing the right notes at the right moment. Make no mistake, the right notes and words are crucial to musical success, but when you can reach beyond that it's special. At our last rehearsal there was a moment that (as an average chorus member) I found particularly satisfying. We're learning a new ballad (When I fall in Love, arranged by Jay Giallombardo) and in the spirit of full disclosure I am distinctly partial to emotional ballads. After running through a particular phrase several times, working on the inflections of the lyrics and the timing of breaths, Coby (our director) stopped us and remarked on the high quality of what we had just presented. We, that collection of amateur but dedicated harmony singers, had just created something of beauty that was difficult to put into words. For a moment we all basked in the warmth of that, then moved on to constructive critiques of how it could be better. What a marvelous culture of fellowship and commitment to excellence!

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