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March 1, 2024 - 4:37pm -- John Contreras

March first, we've chased the last stray rose petals from Singing Valentines out of the car, and the tux is at the the cleaners. It's the perfect time of year for trying new things, so we're learning new music while also trying out a new riser setup for improved rehearsal acoustics. Guess what? Those two experiments are working quite well together. I can hear all the other parts so much better, making the new music noticeably easier to learn. We're still standing in sections, and I'm thinking it will be even better when we shift to a mixed (shotgun) formation later on. Beyond notes and words, I can also focus more on singing with heart and finesse when I hear the chords better because I hear the whole musical experience we're creating. What a blast!

John Contreras

Bass, Cascade Chorus


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