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September 3, 2017 - 10:34am -- Donald Thorn

Yes, football has started again. Our chapter volunteers to run one of the concession booths at Autzen Stadium. For this we get a percentage of the amount sold for our operations costs. This booth is unique because it is actually split. On one side we provide beer and wine, sodas, and various food items. Across the aisle is a popcorn machine. We run the machine, but the popcorn is free. For those of you that pay stadium prices for snacks, you know what that means. That person is always busy. So a special thanks to Ernst for keeping the fans happy with all that free popcorn.

In addition to Ernst we thank Dale and Rich for starting early and staying late. Let's not forget workers Scotty, Dan, Paul, Bob, Guinn, Don Allen, Bill Devereaux, and Crystal. Crystal? Yep. Dale invited her along from his Scandi Singers group. She certainly knew what she was doing. A great addition. Thanks for joining us, Crystal. Now we have to teach her all the tenor parts.

If you want to visit us at the games, we are a bit exclusive. We work in the North stands in the Charter Box area above sections 9-13. For our part of the stadium, it really doesn't ever rain in Autzen. We are indoors.

Thanks to all the workers. See others next week and the rest of the season. Go Ducks.

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