It Was Spectacular.

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June 19, 2017 - 2:13pm -- Donald Thorn

There could have been photos of me counting money. There could have been photos of Hugh setting up the signs on the pathways. There could have been photos of Dan Wolfe driving his golf cart. But no, none of these opportunities struck the photographer (Alan Halfhill-HCNW photographer) as worthy. So who wins the Cascade Chorus most photogenic award at Harmony College this weekend? Dave Peterman. Why Dave you ask? Remember, Dave was looking around for a ride so he wouldn't have to make the drive himself? Finally he said, Voila-I'll bring my wife, Judy. In that one moment of wisdom he became more photogenic than the rest of us COMBINED.

It was a great weekend. The weather was not perfect, but we reached a new milestone for Harmony College with 402 students. We were happy, the students had a great time--well, there was that one request for toilet paper on the third floor of Todd dormitory (women's side). The Saturday night show was spectacular. Sunday morning I was in the cafeteria early to start writing checks reimbursing our faculty for their expenses. I met a guy chasing a cup of coffee. You're up early, I said. His response? Not really. I haven't been to bed yet.

Come join us next year. Perhaps you can dethrone Dave as most photogenic. And remember, I do know where to find the coffee Sunday morning. Honest. Just look for the guy wearing the dollar sign. I figured the photographer would go for that.

Until 2018.



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