The performance at Lowell

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June 13, 2017 - 7:32am -- Victor Fitzpatrick

The Cascade Chorus sang on the Lowell High School spring choral program.  Jim Chapman directed the chorus in Coby’s absence which was kind of special since Jim taught music there several years ago, not allowed to say how many.  He said it had been 32 years since we had performed there and hoped that it would not take that long to get invited back.  Jim and his entire family have a long history with Lowell HS and in fact is on the school board.

Our President Dale LaFon was introduced as a graduate of Lowell HS some X number of years ago.  Dale presented the Music Director with a check for $500 from our foundation.  The director thanked us and Jim since Jim also collects newspapers for recycle and part of those proceeds come to LHS for their music department as well.  He assured us that we will be invited to return much sooner than 32 years!  



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