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April 10, 2016 - 11:21am -- Donald Thorn

I'm sure most of you know I wear several volunteer hats. This weekend, I was primarily serving the Evergreen District as treasurer in the absence of Frank Bell. Frank chose to sing with his brother's barbershop chorus rather than attend a board meeting. Go figure.

I would like to thank Cascade Chorus for their great job of running our recent convention. So many hands helped add to the experience I cannot mention everyone. The hotel facility was great and our boardroom was excellent. While the singers of Cascade were all working hard, we each need to thank the simply super wives, S/O's, and friends of our chorus for their service. I couldn't try every cookie, but I worked hard at it. Special thanks to Barb Fitzpatrick and all the bakers. Every cookie I tasted I wanted to have another. I tried, oh how I tried.

Kathy Kileen works so well with our photographer Cherie Renae, that Cheri suggests other choruses use Kathy so she can get the same quality service Kathy & Gloria provide when Cheri comes here.

Deena Wolfe brought her mother to the convention. Since she had no other way home, mom was working the registration desk the whole weekend. Very sneaky, Deena.

Even with many things on his directoral mind, Coby Foster texted updates and scores to the Evernet  so the entire Evergreen District could find out what was going on quickly.

Shame on me. I've started mentioning names and will inevitably leave many out. I cannot turn this into a typical Don epistle. However, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the efforts of Rich Watkins, the convention chairman. His concept of deligate is unique. He was always there, always doing. Yes, he did stand tall and Rich-ly deserved his Tall Timbre award (See photo-Award presented by Jim Bates-Evergreen District Board-Jim is the tall one).

Thank you Rich and the entire team. A job very well done. Many thanks from this Evergreen District Finance Team member.






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